Everybody's Golf 5 / Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

Everybody's Golf 5 - PS3 game box.
The first Playstation 3 game that I'm really looking forward to, with hopes that it may be quite accessible, is Everybody's Golf 5. Due for release in the US in March and hopefully Europe too. I'd be really interested to hear anybody's experience of the game relating to how it plays on the easiest settings. Especially: can it be played with a single button?

On the topic of accessible golf, you may find these interesting: Real Abilities Charity Golf Tournament, where disabled golfers played against able-bodied golfers in a virtual golf vs. real golf game. Secondly, the "Top 3 Accessibility Features for Golf Games" gives advice to developers in adding some basic features that can make golf games much easier for many disabled gamers.

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