Reconfigurable JoyPad for PS2, PS3 and PC

Thrustmaster 3 in 1 Dual Trigger controller.Amazon are presently stocking a very affordable controller that may be the solution for some out there struggling with inaccessible controllers (especially so for the PS3). The Thrustmaster 3 in 1 Dual Trigger controller allows users to remap various controls to put them into easier reach. I've heard good reports recently, and have just received one myself. I'd still prefer it if games allowed you to remap the controls in software as standard...

Update: This controller is great if used as it's intended to be used. You can do anything you like with the thumb-sticks, and pretty much remap anything where ever you want it (not sure about the 6-axis stuff though as I have no PS3 to test with). Brilliant for that. I was really hoping that it would be possible to hook up a switch socket, but alas, the socket suffers from instant ghosting (the controls act erratically). Could have made a fantastic and cheap one switch controller for the PS2 and PS3 - ah well...

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