Apple Mac One Switch Games

Apple Mac One Switch Games.
The Apple Macintosh doesn't have anywhere near as many one switch games as the PC, but don't fret, there's still some great accessible games out there.

Downloadable One Switch Mac games:

SEN Switcher: The best place to start for absolute beginners.
Penalty: Fun football game.
RJ Cooper: A couple of simple shoot-em-ups.
Archaist: A fine game with a huge array of accessibility options.

On-line One Switch games and activities (may need Flash installed):

Knee Bouncers: Aimed at babies and toddlers.
CBBC: Lots of one or two switch games aimed at young kids.
CBBC one switch games: Five one switch games for older kids.

Help Kids Learn: Games, Videos and more.
Bulbaceous: A "match three" puzzle game.
Papunet: A superb selection of basic one switch games.
Penalty: Fun football game for beginners.

I try to keep a fairly up to date list here at One Switch, but if you know more, please get in touch...

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    Thank you so very much. This is definitely a good start for the young man we discussed via email.

    LisaDawn McCabe  

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    More Apple Mac and iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch games can be found here:  

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