One Switch Scalextric and Slot-Cars

Scalextric Switch Adapted
After tinkering with cheap slot-racing car games in the past, I'm planning to look into the much higher quality Scalextric. I've had some recent interest from people wanting switch adapted sets, so watch this space...
Meanwhile, some fun Scalextric links:

Rally Trophy, 3D Scalextric and Sega Rally Tropical Challenge are all fun on-line Scalextric games that can be played with a single key.

Scalextric chase on YouTube.

Many thanks to: Scalextric Racing Blog and Chris Frost of the British Slot Car Racing Association for some good help and advice.

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  1. # Blogger

    Very interesting link here:  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    We just bought two kits of Digital Scalextric. I'd love to know if it can be switch adapted so that our son can join his dad in the fun. Any hints? Your help would be much appreciated.  

  3. # Blogger

    Looking here:

    It seems that the controller has a sliding variable resistor. If you were to disconnect the trigger mechanism from affecting it - I wonder if you were to cut that white wire in the middle - expose both ends and connect to a 3.5mm switch socket, if that wouldn't give your son the power to race. I think you could then slide the variable resistor to find a speed that suits your son. Might work. Might not. Hard to tell without having one in front of me.

    Another possibility might be to use 2x potentiometers for 2 switches (high-speed / low-speed).

    If you do this, I highly recommend using a voltmeter to check the power running through the switch circuit.

    Alternativley, I'd be happy to take a look next year.

    Finally, if you were to replace the power supply, powersupply related piece of track, controllers and cars - with standard Scalextric sport pieces (all cheap apart from the cars on eBay) - you can convert the kit to standard and definitly adapt.

    Happy Christmas!  

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    A YouTube clip here of the simplest type of Scalextric adapted for switch use:  

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