D.I.Y. Switch Accessible Bumper Cars

Switch Adapted Bumper Car A project for the more experienced out there: Switch Accessible Bumper Cars. Brad Whaley, an Electrical Engineer based in the USA has some very interesting D.I.Y. project pages that include adapting children's electric vehicles.

I saw the above Bumper cars in Maplin Electronics, £80 for 2 recently. They use two forward-neutral-back joysticks enabling tank like control. I'm guessing that you could get this usable with just two switches: One connected to both forward controls, and the second connected to a single back control for spin.

N.B. "If you use mechanical high current relays, you can use standard special needs / adaptive switches to run this toy". Do not do so otherwise! Added to the OneSwitch.org.uk D.I.Y. pages here.


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