Vectrex goes one switch - 25 years later

Vectrex one switch game - City Bomber.Regular readers of this blog may realise that I have a soft spot for the obscure. When I saw that the Vectrex, a black and white vector scan games console, was getting its first one switch game after 25 years - I had to find out more.

The game is called "City Bomber" based on a 1979 Commodore Pet game called "Air Attack". The basic premise is morally dubious, but fun to play. Your plane is running out of fuel and has to make an emergency landing slap bang in the middle of a city. Using your unlimited supply of bombs you need to wipe out every single tower to flatten yourself a landing strip. Your single button? Bomb.

I contacted the programmer Andy Coleman who says that he's thinking about writing a multi-game cartridge of one-button games. That I'd love to see.

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    Got hold of a copy a few days ago. It's fun, and a bit easier to win a level or two than the original. Very simple, but a fun little diversion.  

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