The Mighty Boosh - The Hitcher

A little pre-Halloween fun - probably 12+ rated.


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  1. # Blogger Ben Harbour

    Series 3 of the mighty boosh as just finished playing on BBC Three, for all of you that missed it, its due to be released in November. If you cant wait for that long I found a really good mighty boosh fan site

    Which has all the episodes in flash

    Hope you find this useful, also look up some info on the live show they are doing later this year  

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks, Ben - superb link!!! I saw them live and had such a great night - definitely will be looking out for a new show. Cheers!  

  3. # Anonymous daudi

    MyspaceTV have just launched the BBC Worlwide channel and you can watch the latest episode of The Mighty Boosh for free.  There's loads more on there as well - Louis Theroux, Top Gear, The Royle Family, plus Sci-Fi, Drama... (etc)

    Check it out here:


  4. # Anonymous Christofer

    LOL! The Hitcher! Classic! If anyone's interested, I'm a member at The Mighty Boosh Forum. Discussion, streaming video etc...


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