Free CameraMouse Finally Available!

Camera Mouse logo.

Camera Mouse is now available for free from Boston College. All you need is a web cam and you are good to go! Free software for use with head trackers is also available. Read the TLWMSN previous blog post for more information.

Via: TLWMSN blog


3 Responses to 'Free CameraMouse Finally Available!'

  1. # Anonymous thierry danigo

    Thanys you for this very nice and important information !
    I very like this blog.
    Another information for you : switch for Ipod :
    all the best  

  2. # Blogger

    Thanks for your comment and info, Theirry - much appreciated. I'll blog it soon.

    I was also impressed with your blog here: - Great work!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    After Camera Mouse, another free software from Hungary : Adaptive Mouse !
    See :
    Very great !
    All the best

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