"Love & Berry" and "Stacker"

Image of two one-switch arcade machines. Sega's Love and Berry and LAIGames Stacker Prize game.I mentioned earlier this week that I'd seen a couple of (near) one-switch arcade games on my recent holiday. One was 'Stacker' which is a bloomin' hard game of skill where you can win prizes. My daughter and I didn't win a thing, nor did we come close. None the less, I've just uploaded a PC version called 'Slacker' into the OneSwitch library as well as a review at the Special Effect GameBase, which is worth a play.

The second game was Sega's "Love and Berry" (Dress up and Dance). This is not really a true one-switch game as you need to scan collectable fashion cards and also have to press two buttons simultaneously as certain points. My 9-year old daughter cringed through me asking her to play this. It's extremely soppy, where you dress up your character with cards (collect the lot for £180 if you get no doubles!). When you achieved this, you then go to the one-switch mode: hit your switch to time slapping a tamborine. Sheesh - it was grim! Not the most exciting one-switch game ever - but Japanese kids loved it orginally I'm told. Well, I did say not to get too excited.

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