Guitar Shred Show

Mr. Fastfinger in action - ZEN Guitar Hero. Something that always bothers me about the OneSwitch site is the gaps waiting to be filled, none more so than my art and music section. I guess accessible gaming is distracting me at present, but there will be a day when I throw myself into accessible creation tools for one-switch musicians and artists.

In the meanwhile, I've just added the 'Guitar Shred Show' to my Art Gallery links. This is wonderful fun. Click on the picture above and jam away! Works just as well as a cause and effect activity for one-switch musicians, as a way to teach guitarists Zen like skills on their instrument.

Accessibility tips: The Jam mode is the most accessible, allowing for a lot of experimentation at your own pace. Using my adapted Namco Arcade Stick or something similar with JoyToKey and one to fourteen switches should allow for some serious guitar shredding action. It may be useful to obtain a latching box device for switch users struggling to hold a switch down.

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