Image of Sprout - a hand drawn idyllic island in a tropical sea, with a small seed thinking about what it might grow into.
On the Point and Click lick, I didn't quite realise how many potential head tracker games there were out there. I think the broadband explosion has helped, as many of these games are available on-line and free. Here's some more:
Sprout (by Jeff Nusz) - Slow paced, beautifully drawn puzzle game.
Arcane: The Miller Estate - One of a number of professionally animated adventures.
Wii-Cade: Games playable on the Nintendo Wii's browser - point and click style.
On-line Games 24 - Huge number of point and click adventure games.
Escape the Room Blogspot - As above really - haven't tried many of these.
Some of these thanks to the Guardian's GameBlog

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