Alien Abduction and TechnoTalk 2007

Image of a moonscape with an alien UFO beaming up a space man. New review just up at the Special Effect Gamebase for Alien Abduction. This was one of the one-switch games used at last week's "Techno Talk 2007" in Kent which was a huge amount of fun.

So what else was in the one switch accessible arcade? Take a deep breath.... Vertical Pinball; a Fortune Telling machine; Japanese coin-op arcade games: Star Trigon and Mushi-metama; Everybody's Golf 4 (PS2); Destrution Derby and Kickboxing Knockout (PSone); One-button Mini Golf, Alice Amazed, Aurikon, The Fart Game, Froggy Ribbit and Chirality (PC); Water pistols; Radio Controlled Robots.

Else where was much on communicators and infrared controlled Robo-sapiens. It was a noisy but fantastic day, which I'd love to attend again if invited...

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