Mushihime-Tama PCB

Mushihime tama - Insect Princess from CAVE
After searching for a while, I've finally found and bought a JAMMA PCB of Cave's 'Mushihime Tama' from Excellent Com Ltd. in Hong Kong.
My daughter's first comments were "why has she got such big boobs?" - which is a good question. I don't know. However, this game can be played pretty much throughout with a single switch (down) apart from starting the game, and entering a high-score name. It's more difficult than Uo Poko, featuring some really tricky puzzles, and I like it for that personally. It also has a choice of two, two-player modes - collaborative and head-to-head. It's fun.
I may look at selling JAMMA rigs for switch use if anyone is interested. I'll also be showing some of this technology and more at the TechnoTalk Day in Kent later this year.

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