Enabled Cyber Gamers - Singapore

Enabled Cyber Gamers - Samsung and Society for Disabled - Singapore. Image of an enabled gamer playing an Xbox game with an adapted controller.
I've just discovered three videos on the marvellous 'Enabled Cyber Gaming' community project run by Samsung and the Society for the Physically Disabled (Singapore).

Channel U, 11.45pm, 17 Nov 2005
CNA, That’s IT, 8.30pm, 28 Nov 2005
CNA, I’m Special IT’s ok, 8.30pm, 30 Nov 2005

Some of the language is a little 1981 from the US commentary, but the intent and technology in the project is bang up to date. Superb. I'm trying now to find out if the Society for the Physically Disabled are still involved with this project, and how they take on applicants for tailor-made accessible controllers.

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    More detailed information on the games used and the project workings:


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