Mushihime Tama - PCB Hunt

Mushihime tama - Insect Princess from CAVE
In trying to track down a JAMMA PCB of Cave's follow up to 'Uo Poko', 'Mushihime Tama' I discovered a video showing this game in play. I'm now wondering if this can be played with a single control. Either way, it looks like fun with amazing end level bosses to defeat. In the meanwhile, there is a good little 'Uo Poko' clone that you can play on-line now, called Bulbaceous Balls.

Thanks to Donation Coder for the on-line game link.

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3 Responses to 'Mushihime Tama - PCB Hunt'

  1. # Blogger

    Found one, and won't be buying one just yet! £600 new, £300 second hand not including shipping. Ouch!  

  2. # Blogger Katie Lill

    I love the sound of the game dad it looks relly cool!  

  3. # Blogger

    Got one! Thanks to Excellent Com Ltd. in Hong Kong:  

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