Xbox 360 controller adapters - $79.99

Xbox 360 Playstation controller adapter. are taking orders for the first (and hopefully not last) Xbox360 controller adapter. It is said to accept the huge range of Playstation controllers as well as most PC mice and keyboard controllers. They're not cheap, at $79.99 on their site (+ $34 postage to the UK), but could make all the difference to some gamers struggling with the tiny range of controllers for this powerful console.

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  1. # Blogger Nimbex

    Hm. Where on this site mentioned would you find these adapters? I've tried searching accessories, top sellers, and a few other spots, to no avail.  

  2. # Blogger

    They seem to have been removed from the direct link. Strange. I've been trying to get one for ages now, with very little luck.

    They certainly looked like they were going to fly:

    I'll post anything new on the blog relating to these much desired adapters.  

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