Xbox 360 Playstation controller adapter - it exists!

Xbox 360 Playstation controller adapter. I'm trying to get hold of some. Looking pretty useful, with purported compatibility with a keyboards, mice and of course, Playstation controllers. We'll see...

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  1. # Anonymous Nacho

    Hi! Are there any games or software to play on an Xbox 360 (or other console) for kids with developmental disabilities? For instance, visual recognition games, with simple input, etc?  

  2. # Blogger

    Take a look at the various top Tens at via this link:

    Some useful stuff there. For simple access games, I'm a big fan of "Destruction Derby" (1995) for the PSone and PS2. This has some great features to make this accessible to gamers using simplified controls and so on.

    So, simple input games - yes, they are out there for consoles. Visual recognition games - you'd probably be best sticking to a PC at present.  

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