BBC jam

BBC jam text next to a cartoon robot.
As a prelude to the Develop Brighton conference, a number of us from the IGDA GASIG were kindly invited to the BBC by Jonathan Hassell to give our thoughts on "jam". Jonathan is the Accessibility Editor within Digital Curriculum BBC, who has been working on "jam", the BBC's new interactive learning service for five to 16-year-olds.

The project has had some problems before being launched, and remains a UK only concern at this time. However, for those in the UK it is a splendid educational resource, that is accessible to all.

I was particularly impressed by the switch accessibility features, especially within the SEN (Special Educational Needs) area. Brilliantly executed, fun, Monty Python-esque animated activities. Click on the picture above to start, and choose year 7-11 for the SEN stuff. Have fun UK citizens!

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