Develop in Brighton - Game Developers Conference

Develop in Brighton - Game Developers Conference 11th-14th of July. On Friday the 14th of July I will be giving a short talk on Accessible Gaming at the Brighton Game Developers Conference. I might be a bit ropey (I've never done this before), but my colleagues from the IGDA's Game Accessibility Special Interest Group (GASIG) won't be. Good luck to us in pursuading developers to make their games more accessible.

"Topics include why game accessibility matters, demonstrations and discussions about why different disabled gamer groups can't play the majority of the mainstream games on the market, and what kinds of software, middleware, and hardware solutions have been created to date. "

"Additionally a number of tips and tricks will be discussed for developers to implement and get started on making sure that their titles are as accessible as possible. Participants will also get a chance to play games designed for the deaf, for the blind, and for physically and learning disabled gamers."

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