Shadow Monsters

Image of two people creating shadow puppets, which are converted into monsters on a huge projected screen via a computer and camera. Shadow Monsters by Philip Worthington is another amazing interactive game / art work. Philip has worked with Sony in the past with their Eye Toy. Take a look at Ants and Line Riders at his site too. Fantastic! Many thanks to Richard Van Tol of for the initial link.

Taken from the BBC:

Philip Worthington's idea combines light projection and computer technology to create living shadow puppets.

"The computer sees a silhouette of your hand, and analyses its curves and contours," says Philip. "By looking at the gaps in-between your fingers, and where they're pointing, it knows what kind of puppet you're making." It is bit like watching a cartoon, as animated teeth and hairs dance around the silhouette to a tune of squeaks and buzzes.

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