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Flow in Games - Head Tracker compatible game
Flow in Games by Jenova Chen is a wonderul on-line game that is highly accessible to gamers using head tracker controllers (and perhaps those using eye trackers too).

Gamers who might only be able to play by moving their heads or eyes can play this wonderful mellow game without too many difficulties. Hopefully more games as accessible as this will appear from the Retro Remakes competition. Especially as Natural Point are providing two of their splendid Smart Nav head trackers as prizes.

For designers interested in how to create head-tracker accessible games, take a look at the Retro Remakes Accessibility Assistance forum.


2 Responses to 'Head Tracker Games - Flow'

  1. # Blogger OneSwitch.org.uk

    press ` to enter cheat mode

    B= bad organisms
    C= Suicide
    D= Big mouth
    E= Evolve current body segment
    F= Spawn food
    G= Grow
    R= Recover
    S= Zoom in
    T= Tracking ON/OFF
    M=destroy all enemys in the window
    left= zoom out
    right= zoom in
    up= next level
    down= prev. level  

  2. # Blogger c.a.t.

    a = change background to yellowish
    h = home (shallower level)
    k = bring 1 killer opponent
    p = debugging radial line segments
    z = bottom (deepest level)

    - c.a.t.
    Carlos Alberto Teixeira

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