ActionCaptions in games

Roy Lichtenstein comic-style image of a plane being shot down in flames, with the caption 'Blam'.An interesting concept has come from the Retro Remakes 2006 competition, via "Rogue", for making games more accessible to deaf gamers.

"ActionCaptions would be based on their original auditory counterparts. So a dripping sound in the background would be visualised (symbolized!) by a small blue-ish watery text balloon. Depending on the location of the sound, the balloons would be placed on those spots. A boulder crashing down from the ceiling would invoke a much greater balloon with stylized lettering (e.g. grey, cracked stoney characters). The louder the sound, the bigger and more obvious the balloon. Timing & placement is very important in this regard as well. A blowing wind would linger longer on-screen than a slap in the face, or a gunshot."

Click to Enlarge. Image of a comic strip with highly visual text for a car racing and screeching to a stop.

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