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Arcade Adventures - Brilliant Computing (1988) Brilliant Computing - Switch Interface for BBC Micro Computers
Brilliant Computing - Switch Brialliant Computing - Gated Joystick

Brilliant Computing were creating accessible video games as far back as 1988. They wrote a small number of games that featured two very important features: Compatibility with a wide range of accessible controllers and control over the speed of the game.

There is more on this in my Accessible Gaming Pioneers page. If anyone knows of anything I have missed out, please get in touch.


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    ARCADE ADVENTURES - For BBC computers.

    A set of 4 short video games for Adult Training Centres. All the games have initial options to make them easier to play, mainly by controlling the speed. These options allow two players of differing ability to play against each other on an equal level.

    SPACE INVADERS: Use 2 or 3 switches to move and blast the advancing army of invaders.

    SHOCKER: Catch the deadly electic eel by dragging your net across the pool.

    TOBOGGAN RUN: Slide your toboggan through the slalom, avoiding the icy patches and stray dogs.

    BRICKOUT: A new version of this popular game. Use 1 or 2 switches to throw a ball at a wall to knock it down.  

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