Could all games have a "Doodle City" mode?

Image of I, Robot game title screen. Image of the 'I, Robot' menu screen, giving a choice between the main game and the 'ungame', Doodle City.

Image of Doodle City the 'Ungame'. Image of 'I, Robot' game attract screen.

Thinking about Reactive Colours reminded me of Atari's 1983 ground breaking game I, Robot. This obscure game featured an "Ungame" mode called "Doodle City" where you could choose to mess about with the games graphics with no pressure (apart from your 10p credit running out).

This is not so dis-similar to the sound test features in many games, where you can mess about listening to sound effects and back ground music. Not so dis-similar to free driving modes in most car games.

I think it would be great for many disabled gamers if more games featured "Ungame" modes. A chance to enjoy facets of the main game, no matter how small, without being made to feel inadequate. This could open up more games, to more people.


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