Chop Shop PS4 controller

Grips cut off, right-stick removed and a small finger button added.

Very reminiscent of the old JoyTech Mini-Jolt joypads, the joypad above is a chopped effort for SpecialEffect. They are quite easy to do, using a mix of a rotary cutting tool, packing material (I use bits cut from a margarine tub), hot glue and a few packs of black SUGRU.  The one above has the right-thumb-stick removed as it was not possible for the customer to use as is. To circumvent the power lost from that I built an optional set of Titan One profiles (based on a OneSwitch system) to enable the plugin switch (connected to R3) to act as a modifier.

This modifier enables the user to swap modes on the fly. For instance, hold the switch, push right and the left-stick becomes the right-stick. Hold the switch and pull down, and it becomes a six-axis controller. There's other modes for one-switch driving, FPS/walking simulator modes and loads more. You can grab the scripts here if interested, or get in touch for more help.

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3D Printed Assistive Technology: Dan Eastland / Shaz Hossain R/C Handset Mod

Fantastic to see Dan's concept for an accessible remote control hand-set come to fruition with thanks to the 3D design and printing skills of my friend Shaz Hossain

3D printed assistive technology mod: accessible remote control handset for R/C car, by Dan Eastland and Shaz Hossain.  3D printed assistive technology mod: accessible remote control handset for R/C car, by Dan Eastland and Shaz Hossain.

3D printed assistive technology mod: accessible remote control handset for R/C car, by Dan Eastland and Shaz Hossain.


This is CEEFAX (1975)

This is CEEFAX 1975 teletext art work.

This is CEEFAX announces a communication revolution in the making, including subtitles for deaf viewers.

Via: Peter Kwan.


Adventure Call (Limmy's Show - PG)

Switch Adapted Halloween Zombie

Switch adapted Halloween toy. Zombie.

Switch adapted Halloween toy. Zombie.

Switch adapted Halloween figure. Eyes light up, arms move and groans. Works with standard accessibility switches, or can be set to respond to nearby sound.

£35 on eBay. Video link here.


Switch Accessible Programming

Programming with a switch is not an easy thing. Programming is not easy full stop, but it can be huge fun. Christopher Hills shows how he's getting into the hobby/profession with iOS switch access and Swift.

For PC users, it's possible to use some custom (free) software I can provide and Windows on screen keyboard to do similar things. Using some type of notepad might help too.

Some well known game languages include Scratch, Game Maker and Twine. There's a nice list at at Additionally, it's possible in theory, to design levels in things like Little Big Planet and Boulder Dash using OneSwitch Pulse that I can also supply.

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Atari Steeple Chase (1975) - German Video

Atari Steeplechase 1975 being played in 2015 by a group of young Germans.

Perhaps the worst gaming nightmare of a haphephobic was Atari's 1975 Steeplechase. If I had the space I would absolutely love one. For absurd geeks like me, you can also catch a glimpse of this in the Dawn of the Dead's arcade.

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Shout Box: Extra Switch Input

Assistive technology set-up for sound / breath control over video games and beyond.

A small box of electronics with radiating lines, three coloured LEDs, a microphone cover and two plugs going into the box.

Image of a black and blue arcade stick adapted for switch use, pictured with a red able net switch and a Shout Box.

The Shout Box pictured above was a tie up between OneSwitch and the very talented Jason Hotchkiss of 1D Pong fame. It allows a person to make any sound (down to a gentle puff of breath) to act as switch input. This can be converted to latched, pulsed or momentary (held until released) output at the flick of a switch.

The dial lets you adjust the sensitivity from the lightest breath to a shout (hence the name). It's pretty brilliant in use, running off 3x AA batteries, and a very easy way to give someone an extra input to control a switch adapted gadget or game.

OneSwitch is undergoing a make-over right now in the back-ground, but expect to see the ShoutBox and more appear a little later this year when the site is rolling again.

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iOS 10: Hold at Point (aka Momentary) switch mode

Great news for switch users with Apple's iOS10 yearly big operating system update comes in the form of the new "Hold at Point" mode. This enables switch users to (finally) press a switch for different lengths of time quickly at a fixed point. The video above from the ACE Centre explains more along with this iOS10 guide from AbleNet.

This makes a lot of previously unplayable "tap to play" games playable. These include Uppercup Football, Fotonica, Badland (as in the video), Ski Safari: Adventure Time, Alto's Adventure (try Zen mode), 100 Balls type games and so on. It also opens up some fantastic cause and effect and creative apps such as Beamz and Garage Band. Thank you Apple. And where are you Google?

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